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We are a client-focused translation boutique

We aim to harness the talents of the best translators in the world and develop strong, long-term relationships with them.

We are translators ourselves and believe that the translators we work with should be treated in the same way as clients.

We work around translators' own constraints, taking into account their preferences and events in their personal lives that may have an impact on their work.

We don't negotiate rates with translators, but let them set their own rates and then decide whether we want to continue working with them, based on the quality of their work and the overall level of service that they provide.

However, we are open and honest with translators who ask our advice on pricing issues to ensure that they remain competitive.

Our primary growth driver is our reputation.

We will always endeavour to find the best solution for our clients in terms of quality and responsiveness.

While maintaining a certain degree of flexibility about pricing, we make clear to our clients that we are not low-cost market operators.

For clients that have several service providers, we aim to be the one that they will call when faced with a real challenge.

Our primary focus is on delivering a premium-quality service and developing long-term relationships.

We intend to manage our growth selectively and maintain our boutique culture.

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